自然と共生する家を通して 日本家屋のDNAを次世代へ Passing the DNA of Japanese houses on to future generations Through houses that are united with nature


金沢21世紀工芸祭 kanazawa 21st CENTURY kogei festival


Architecture is a form of craftsmanship that has carried on, unbroken, since long ago. Various artisans’ skills are combined in the construction of a single building.In working on residential construction and the selling of residential land primarily in Ishikawa Prefecture, Chubu-jc is one of the architecture companies involved in such craftsmanship.

What Chubu-jc proposes are “houses that enable a more fulfilling lifestyle,” where residents can truly feel the four seasons and live in unity with nature, harnessing the forces of light and wind. Making adjustments to suit the structure of the family creates everlasting livability. In the heart of the home, the family delights in conversation. The company aims to restore this fully-realized way of life, one that certainly existed within Japanese houses at one point, and to build homes that serve as a means to pass that life on to future generations.

”Kataribe-no-Ie”, a model house in Kanazawa, is a place where visitors can experience Chubu-jc’s ideas first-hand. This house, built to adjust to the unique climate of the Hokuriku region, boasts superior insulation, making it cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. As fresh air spreads through to the insides of the walls, the effects of humidity are lessened, and the building also has the advantage of being less susceptible to damage. For the flooring, natural, solid wood is used. Apparently, children are often seen to relax and feel more at home as they get to know the appealing feel that only the real thing can offer.


A home, and a town,
you want to come back to Creating a new “hometown”

What quality home-building needs is the awareness of professionals. Chubu-jc has adopted “Cooperation” as its new slogan for 2016. The goal is to further improve the awareness of not only their designers and foremen, but also craftsmen such as carpenters and plasterers, so that everyone involved can ply their trade from a position of equality, without compromise. Heated debates may break out from time to time, but it is all for the purpose of creating homes about which residents can feel, “I want to come back here.”

Chubu-jc also views “house-building” as “town planning.” They pursue an approach to house-building that emphasizes harmony with the surrounding streets, envisioning landscapes that make people feel, “I want to come back to this town,” much as they would with a house.Homes and hometowns can also be called the starting points of life.

Through ways of housing that have residents living together with nature, Chubu-jc’s dream is to make a way of life that is ever richer. Giving form to residents’ hopes, these homes provide comfort that surpasses the imagination. There is no doubt that these are places where families are apt to gather at any time, and enjoy each other’s company.

株式会社 中部ジェイ・シィ

株式会社 中部ジェイ・シィ