プレスリリース Press release

プレスリリース ver.1 2016 [PDF – 日本語]

取材について For Coverage

To report on the KANAZAWA 21st KOGEI FESTIVAL, please apply in advance on this website to receive a press pass which you will be required to carry at the festival. All media activities during the festival require advance registration. Please note that persons who have not registered will not be issued a press pass.

プレスパスについて For press pass

By presenting your press pass, you will be allowed to report on the main activities at the KANAZAWA 21st KOGEI FESTIVAL, "Shuzen Shokusai 2016","Kogei Kairo 2016","Kanazawa Mirai Chakai","Kanazawa Mirai Kogei-bu",Kanazawa Art Space Link". The validated period for your pass will be printed on the press pass.

プレスパスの交付について For the issuance of press pass

Please make sure to receive your pass by the date of your reportage assignment, from the KANAZAWA 21st KOGEI FESTIVAL booth at the Kanazawa station, at information booths, or from the public relations office(At AMD ltd.,2F Rifare Bidg.,1-5-3,Honmachi,Kanazawa-shi,Ishikawa) Please return your press pass when finished with your reporting to an information booth or to our offices.

広報についてのお問い合わせ Inquiries about public relations

AMD ltd.
Rifare 2F 1-5-3 hon-machi, Kanazawa-shi,
Ishikawa, 920 – 0853, Japan

Email : press@21c-kogei.jp