金沢21世紀工芸祭とは what is kanazawa 21st century KOGEI festival


Kanazawa 21st KOGEI Festival is a large-scale arts and kogeis festival, held for the first time in Kanazawa, a city of arts and kogeis where creativity has breathed ever since the feudal government period. General supervision is provided by The University Art Museum, Kanazawa, and the architect and NPO Shuto Kanazawa's Chief Director, Jun Ura.

「金沢21世紀工芸祭」は、金沢市が「KOGEIかなざわ2016」の名のもとに展開する工芸の振興イベントのひとつ。これまで諸団体が個別に開催してきた工芸イベント「趣膳食彩」「工芸回廊」「金沢アートスペースリンク」と、新たに実施する「金沢みらい茶会」「金沢みらい工芸部」をメインコンテンツとし、さまざまな関連ベントと合わせ、金沢の工芸と街の魅力をより強く、幅広くアピールします。 「金沢21世紀工芸祭」が目指すのは、金沢を工芸の世界におけるポート(港)、すなわち発着地にすること。日本の工芸を金沢から世界に向けて発信し、世界の工芸を金沢に集めていく。工芸の交流・対流を生み出していくことで、工芸界全体の発展と地域活性化の基盤づくりを図ります。 総合監修には、東京芸術大学大学美術館長・教授で金沢21世紀美術館館長の秋元雄史館長と、まちづくりに取り組むNPO法人趣都金澤の理事長で株式会社浦建築研究所代表の浦淳氏を迎えました。伝統や未来、アートやデザインなど、さまざまな視点で工芸が持つ多様性や可能性を提示していきます。 ものづくりが息づき、ユネスコのクラフト創造都市としても知られる金沢。この街だからこそ体感できる工芸の世界にご期待ください。

KANAZAWA 21st KOGEI FESTIVAL is one of the promoting kogei events.This event is held in the name of "KOGEI Kanazawa 2016", organized by Kanazawa city, putting hard work and effort into it's industrial succession and developments. There are various types of kogei events such as "Shuzen Shokusai", "Kogei Kairo" and "Kanazawa Art Space Link", which are held by the individual groups,and "Kanazawa Mirai Chakai", "Kanazawa Mirai Kogeibuibu" are newly held.Those events and associate events have gathered and into big event to strengthen the message of industrial arts of Kanazawa and the charm of the town globally. KANAZAWA 21st KOGEI FESTIVAL endeavors to make Kanazawa a port, as well as a terminal, for arts and crafts, and strive for transmitting Japanese kogei from Kanazawa and gathering kogei of the world to Kanazawa.To achieve further development of the global kogei as a whole and invigorating local communities, KANAZAWA 21st KOGEI FESTIVAL produces exchange and convention kogei. General supervision is provided by The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts Director and Professor Yuji Akimoto, who also serves as Director of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, and NPO Syuto Kanazawa's Chief Director, and also serves as a president of Ura Architects & Engenerings ltd.,Atsushi Ura. The festival endeavors to present the diversity and possibilities of the arts and crafts from a variety of perspectives, including tradition, future, and design. Kanazawa, which took its first breaths as a center of creativity in the feudal 16th century, has come to be recognized throughout the world as a UNESCO Creative Cities.Looking forward to great experiences kogei world in Kanazawa.

ごあいさつ message

工芸を遊ぶ贅沢 the luxury of playing with handicrafts

金沢は全国屈指の工芸どころである。その理由は、単に芸術性が高いとか、有名作家がたくさんいるとか、様々な工芸の種類が残っており、未だに工芸界が健在だからというだけではない。もちろんそういう側面を否定するものではないが、それ以上に金沢の工芸が誇るべきことがある。それは工芸が未だに生活に根付いて、生活の中に工芸が在ることだ。つまり使い手がいるということ。これは何にもまして強いことだ。工芸のつくり人がいかに多くいても、どんなにいいものを作っても、やはり使う人がいて、使う場面がなければ、それらは生かされないからである。使い手こそ工芸に新たな力を与え、発展させるキーワードだ。 有名な話だが篆刻家だった北大路魯山人が食と工芸に目覚め、後に芸術的な領域にまでそれらを高めるきっかけをつくったのは、金沢の文化人、旦那衆であった。彼らの美意識や価値観に共感し、それを通じて工芸と食の深い関わりや芸術性を学んでいったのである。要は“芸術を生活の中で遊ぶ”ということの面白さを金沢で知ったのである。 さて、金沢21世紀工芸祭の趣旨であるが、それはまさに工芸をもう一度生活レベルで見直し、食や遊びを通じて工芸を楽しみつくそうというものである。ともすると工芸も絵画や彫刻のようにただただ鑑賞するものになってしまったが、本来は、生活の中にあり、生きた時間と空間の中で生きるものこそ「工芸」あるいは「工芸的美」なのである。 さて、プログラムの柱は、町中をぶらつきながら自分の気に入った工芸を見つける《工芸回廊》と工芸が最も華やぐ食との競演によって非日常的な時間と空間を提供する《趣膳食彩》である。このふたつとも高いレベルのエンターテイメント性によって工芸の魅力を伝えるものだ。また今回からはじまる≪金沢みらい茶会≫や≪金沢みらい工芸部≫、そして金沢のギャラリーがネット―ワークする≪金沢アートスペースリンク≫など工芸を体験できるイベントも多数開催される。さて、参加者の皆さんの好みでどちらも自由に選んでいただきたい。遊んでいただきたい。どのような好みにも対応するほど、多彩な才能が揃っている。きっと絞るのに苦労するだろう。その贅沢を楽しんでいただきたい。

Kanazawa is the nation's leading handicraft center. The reason for this is not only because it is a particularly artistic location, because there are many famous artists there or because it is home to a wide variety of handicrafts and a strong and robust crafting community. Certainly, these factors cannot be denied, but there is also something more to handicrafts in Kanazawa: the fact that they are still rooted in, and are very much a part of, everyday life—that is to say, there are people who use them. This is a factor that is stronger than anything else, because no matter how many craftspeople there are and how wonderful the crafts are that they create, they are not truly put to use unless there are people who will use them and situations where they will be used. It is the users who give new power to the craft and who are the key to its continued development. It is a famous story that Kitaoji Rosanjin, a seal engraver, first started to explore the world of food and handicrafts, and that it was the intellectuals and the gentry of Kanazawa who later took the opportunity to elevate it to an art form. It was their shared senses of aesthetics and values that allowed deep exploration of the relationships between crafting and food and the artistic value therein. In short, the fun of "playing with art in life" was discovered in Kanazawa. Coming to the meaning of the festival, the point is to reexamine handicrafts from the point of view of life and to try to get the most enjoyment possible out of handicrafts through food and play. Much like painting and sculpture, handicrafts have become something that tends to be merely "appreciated," but handicrafts and their aesthetics were originally things that applied to life and their use in living spaces and situations. The main pillars of the program are finding handicrafts that appeal to you as you stroll along the streets 《Kogei Kairo》 and providing a time and space outside of everyday life through the most brilliant co-performances of craft and food 《Shuzen Shokusai》. Both of these elements use high levels of entertainment to convey the charm of handicrafts. This year also features quite a few events that offer chances to experience handicrafts, such as ≪Kanazawa Mirai Chakai≫ and ≪Kanazawa Mirai Kogeibu≫, which are new this year, in addition to ≪Kanazawa Artspace Link≫, which is coordinated with the help of the Kanazawa gallery community. I hope that all participants will freely choose between them as they like. Play and have fun! There is a wide variety of talent here to offer enjoyment to a variety of tastes. It will surely be difficult to choose! I hope everyone will enjoy this sense of luxury.

秋元 雄史

総合監修 秋元 雄史 executive director yuji akimoto

The University Art Museum Tokyo University of the Artsbr
Director and Professor/
Director of the 21st Century Museum ofContemporary Art,

金沢21世紀工芸祭によせて natural science recognizes a multicolored spectrum

近年、日本のアートコンテンツの中でも、国際的競争力があるといわれ、注目されている「工芸」。金沢21世紀工芸祭は、まさしくタイトルの如く21世紀に生きる工芸を、歴史と伝統を尊重しながらも新しいものを取り入れる気風に富んだ当地、「金沢」という舞台でどう表現するかをテーマとした事業であると思う。 近代より高度成長を経て今日に至るまで、日本文化の巨大発信地は消費地である都市圏であったように思える。まさしく、全国津々浦々から工芸が集積し、デパートやビルの中にあるギャラリーやショップに工芸が置かれ、国内外の市場に流通していった。その間、日本人の生活スタイルもどんどん変化し、畳から椅子へ、木造建築はコンクリート造へ、和食から洋食へと変わり、生活の中にあった工芸もその多くが日常にあるものから非日常のものへと変わってしまったのではないか。その中で、工芸と共にあるべき空間や用との関係も、少しずつ離れてしまったようにも感じる。 当地金沢は加賀藩世期に開いた御細工所をはじめ、工芸が殖産産業として古くから創られ、それは現在の金沢美術工芸大学や卯辰山工芸工房に受け継がれ、技術や人を培ってきた。戦禍も免れ、城下町特有の複雑な街路や用水は藩政期の古地図そのままに現存し、市内には町家も数多く残る。また、藩政からの加賀料理をはじめ、豊かな日本海の幸を活かした多様な食文化もある。この工芸祭においては、文化都市・金沢の空間・文化・人と新しい感性で創られた21世紀の工芸が時にぶつかり、時に結びつく中から、国際的なアートシーンの中で新しい工芸文化が形づくられ、発信できていければと思う。

In recent years, one genre of Japan's art said to be competitive on the international stage is it's "kogei," or craft art. Kanazawa is renowned for its ability to blend of the richness of history and tradition with the vitality of the new. This makes it a fitting stage for the theme of this 21st century craft art festival: "How do we blend the old and the new?" After completing it's rapid economic growth and reaching the present day, Kanazawa has assumed the role of a monumental distributor of Japanese culture. Craft art pours in from all over the country to be found on the shelves of departments stores, galleries and shops all around the city before then circulating the domestic and international market. The lifestyle of the Japanese has transformed continuously with the passing of time: straw tatami mats became chairs, wooden architecture turned to concrete, and Japanese food turned to Western cuisine. Crafts that were once part of ordinary, everyday life became something extraordinary. We cannot help but feel a slow drift away from craft's original relationship with space and purpose. Here in Kanzawa, beginning with workshops opened in the Edo Period, craft art has long been made as a form of industrial production. This tradition has been passed down to the Kanazawa College of Art and the Kanazawa Utatsuyama Kogei Kobo, which continue to develop techniques and educate people. Kanazawa avoided damage during the war; the complicated castle town streets and waterways remain much as they were in the Edo Period. Kanazawa also has a rich, diverse food culture that incorporates the fortune of the Japan Sea, with such offerings as Kaga cuisine with origins in the Edo Period. This craft art festival introduces 21st century craft art made anew with the space, culture and people of the cultural city that is Kanazawa, wrestling and dancing with the changing times. We hope to contribute to the creation and spread of new craft art on the international scene.

浦 淳

総合監修 浦 淳 executive director jun ura

NPO Shuto Kanazawa's Chief Director/
President of Ura Architects & Engineerings ltd./

開催概要 out line

  • [ 会期 ]

    2016年10月13日(木)ー 2017年2月26日(日)

  • [ 開催地 ]


  • [ 主催 ]

    金沢創造都市推進委員会 金沢市

  • [ 共催 ]

    公益社団法人金沢青年会議所  NPO法人趣都金澤 金沢アートスペースリンク

  • [ 事務局 ]

    金沢21世紀工芸祭実行委員会(株式会社ノエチカ内)石川県金沢市下本多町六番丁40番地1 3F TEL : 076‐223‐3580(月~金 9:00~18:00)